Navigating Leadership: A CEO’s Imperative in Transformation and Digitalization

In the dynamic world of business, the challenges of leading an organisation are many, with a pivotal aspect being the CEO’s role in steering the organization towards a shared vision and finding the best experts in the more and more complex business realties.  Leadership is less about being in charge but about finding and developing of those in your charge.

Thus, besides growing the expert knowledge in the teams maintaining a unified sense of purpose among team members is a perpetual challenge for CEOs. A number one problem in most companies nowadays is the lack of alignment. In addressing these challenges, it’s crucial to underline why a CEO cannot be the expert in all areas. Simon Sinek’s insight rings true: “The role of a leader is not to come up with all the great ideas. The role of a leader is to create an environment in which great ideas can happen.”

This is particularly evident in the transformative realms of digitalization and requires a collaborative team of experts. In the digital age, a CEO’s role in fostering innovation is amplified, necessitating specialized knowledge in technology and transformation strategies.

In the CEO’s realm, managing a company today is about recognizing the limits of personal expertise and strategically leveraging dedicated specialists in key areas. Especially in the transformative journey of digitalization, the CEO’s ability to assemble and empower a team of experts becomes the linchpin for success. Thus, it became utmost important to find and develop the best expertise in the teams.

I have worked with Agnieszka for several years during periods of significant market and business turbulence. With her deep knowledge and drive to propel initiatives forward, she has played a key role in fostering a dynamic culture of change and growth. Her openness to innovative approaches, strategic thinking, and effective collaboration with digital and sales teams have been instrumental to the success. Incorporating this kind expertise and mindset into any business navigating innovation and growth is of paramount importance.

And what books do I recommend in relation to my thoughts? Strongly, I recommend “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek or not mentioned but worth a read “No rules. Netflix and the culture of reinvention” by Reed Hastings.

Alexander Sorg

Long-time CEO and board member in digital, media and consumer goods business areas / Content expert and leader in change-management, strategy development and M&A / Advisor and investor in e-commerce businesses